Teton Conservation District


Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Rebates

TCD and Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities (YTCC) are offering $5,000 rebates to any business or municipality within the Teton Conservation District for the construction of publicly available electric vehicle charging stations. See the application and program details below. For more information, visit the official announcement on YTCC's website.

Questions can be directed to Alicia Cox, Executive Director, Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities, alicia@ytcleanenergy.org, 810.955.5811.

Natural Gas Fueled Vehicles

TCD is a member of the Wyoming Natural Gas Vehicle & Infrastructure Coalition (WYNGVI) and works with Governor Mead's Office, the University of Wyoming, and other private, local, state, and federal partners to encourage the use of natural gas as a clean energy and domestically produced economic fuel. This involves encouraging utilizing Best Management Practices and conservation measures in natural gas exploration, production, processing, and distribution.  TCD also participates as a member of the WYNGVI to promote a network of fueling stations. TCD works with the local Northwest Wyoming subcommittee of the WYNGVI, the Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition, and the Jackson Hole Energy Sustainability Project in assisting with the development of a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station in Jackson, holding workshops and promoting education to the public, and in conducting fleet manager surveys.  Existing stations in Wyoming are located in Cheyenne, Rock Springs, Evanston, Riverton, Pinedale, and Afton.  Near term NGV fueling stations to anticipated to be developed are in differing planning stages for Jackson, Kemmerer, Wamsutter, Rawlins, Laramie, Douglas, Casper, Gillette, Sheridan, and in Big Horn Basin communities.

Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Rebate – TCD has partnered with and funded a grant to Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition to provide up to 50% or $2,000 for compressed natural gas fueled vehicle conversions or new OEM purchases.  Please go to http://www.ytcleanenergy.org/alternative-fuel-vehicle-rebate-program/ for further information.  Applications accepted now until Tuesday, March 31st.

A wealth of information including natural gas cost calculators can be found at the U.S. DOE Alternative Fuels Data Center at http://www.afdc.energy.gov/vehicles/natural_gas.html and at NGVAmerica at http://www.ngvc.org/ 

Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition can be found at http://www.yellowstonetetoncleanenergy.org/

A helpful DOE AFDC natural gas vehicle information sheet can be found at http://www.afdc.energy.gov/pdfs/48126.pdf

  Natural gas vehicle fuel use:

·  Reduces greenhouse emissions from vehicle exhaust by 25% - 30% and can significantly enhance engine life when used as a fuel  

·  Is an abundant domestic product that reduces dependence on foreign oil and strengthens national security

·  Promotes American job opportunities (1 in 5 jobs in Wyoming is directly related to natural gas)

·  Is economically efficient with compressed natural gas (CNG) ranging from $1.35 - $1.75/gallon in Wyoming in 2013

·  Is safe since natural gas is lighter than air, does not pool, requires a very limited 5% – 15% air to fuel ratio and requires an ignition temperature between 1100 – 1200 degrees F while the gasoline and diesel ignition temperature is between 400 – 540 degrees F

·  NGV fuel ready vehicles are produced by GM, Chrysler, Ford and numerous heavy duty vehicle manufacturer’s as well as a wide variety of after market conversion companies.


Additional Alternative Energy Programs

TCD also supports and is a partner with the University of Wyoming E3A alternative energy program that includes a series of workshop modules for homeowners, ranchers, and farmers interested in solar, wind, micro hydropower, geothermal, and other alternative energy applications.  This outstanding education and technical assistance program has been developed in partnership with other Rocky Mountain state universities.