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Water Resources
Water Resources within TCD boundaries provide significant importance for agriculture, fish, wildlife and other ecological services, recreation, aesthetic purposes and human domestic use. TCD shall promote the TCD mission through technical and educational support for all aspects of water resources within the District boundaries working with private landowners, as well as cooperating local, state and federal agencies.


Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Recreational Use Designation and Corresponding E. coli Standards-
Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) is tasked by the EPA to designate uses for streams throughout the state, and then report back to EPA with all streams not meeting these uses.  Recreation is a use listed for most streams, and as a result E. coli concentrations are subject to regulation, to protect human health while using these streams.  Streams that are designated for ‘primary’ recreation use are expected to have immersion or ingestion of water, whereas ‘secondary’ use implies incidental or accidental contact not resulting in immersion or ingestion.  In August, 2013, WDEQ released the “Draft Categorical Use Attainability Analysis for Recreation,” which reclassified streams from ‘primary’ use to ‘secondary’ use if certain criteria were met.  These criteria were: streams with less than 6 cubic feet per second of flow, streams not expected to be used frequently by children and the public, and were away from populated areas, schools, campgrounds, recreation sites and parks.  A final step to this process is approval from the EPA, who has now required further outreach.  Initially WDEQ agreed to accept public comment at a hearing in Casper, WY on September 16th.  After discussion with concerned stakeholders, WDEQ has now agreed to also take written comment, and petitions are being written to WDEQ to encourage additional public hearings.


The result of this analysis is that many small streams throughout the state, including streams within Teton County have been reclassified from ‘primary’ contact to ‘secondary’ contact; so that the regulated E. coli criteria has been downgraded from a geometric mean of 126 colonies per 100 milliliters over a 60-day period (primary contact criteria), to a geometric mean of 630 colonies per 100 milliliters over a 60-day period (secondary contact criteria). 

The following map shows steams that are currently being proposed for recreation use reclassification-

Flat Creek Water Improvement District Election
- On November 3, 2015 the Teton Conservation District will be holding an election for two (2) Directors to serve 3 year terms on the Flat Creek Water Improvement District.

The Mission of the Flat Creek Water Improvement District is to explore and implement ways to prevent damage to private property due to winter flooding of Flat Creek with a commitment to honor water rights, represent the best interests of the district's property owners and residents, while maintaining and improving water and habitat quality within the stream corridor.

Requirements for candidacy
: Own property that is within the Flat Creek Water Improvement District (see map of district, courtesy of On Sight Land Surveyors, INC).
How to file for candidacy: By August 25, 2015 - File an Application for Election with the Teton Conservation District @ 420 W. Pearl Ave., Jackson, WY weekdays 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Please contact TCD with additional questions at (307) 733-2110.

Nutrient Reduction in the Fish Creek Drainage (Wilson, WY)- Teton Conservation District has been working closely with Friends of Fish Creek and other Stakeholders in the Fish Creek Drainage to address nutrient loading issues. The Teton Conservation District received a $40,000 grant from the WY Department of Environmental Quality to address nutrient issues in Fish Creek.

For additional information or to view all publications associated with the Fish Creek Investigation please visit the USGS project home page.

Request For Proposals—Section 319 and Section 205(j) Funding:  The Nonpoint Source Program of the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, Water Quality Division is pleased to announce that it is now accepting proposals for projects to be awarded under Sections 319 and 205(j) of the Clean Water Act.  Essential information on program requirements, how to take advantage of the pre-submittal review process, proposal guidelines, downloadable copies of required forms, and contact information are available on the  Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Non-point Source Program Grants website. Additional information can also be obtained by contacting the DEQ Nonpoint Source Program at (307) 777-6080.

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For more information about this program, please contact TCD (307) 733-2110.

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