Teton Conservation District

General Project Description:

This project involves several components.  These components include researching and compiling information from existing Forest Service allotment files to understand previous monitoring efforts, then designing future monitoring projects to meet the needs of cooperators.

The project involves implementation of the monitoring, including long term and short term monitoring.  Specialists have been hired to assist with long term monitoring of trend sites, which included re-reading existing transects, and developing a baseline with a newer monitoring technique on the same sites.  Short term monitoring was developed with permittees and the Bridger-Teton National Forest under the umbrella of the Joint Cooperative Permittee Monitoring program. 

Finally, data compilation has occurred, including the development of databases (such as Microsoft Access) for inputting and making calculations on data, as well as producing hard copy notebooks of results such as photo points. 

Acres of Federal Lands:

The active grazing allotments associated with this project include the Redmond/ Bierer Creek Allotment (7,108 acres), Miners Creek Allotment (9,758 acres), Upper Gros Ventre Allotment (60,813 acres), Big Cow Creek Allotment (10,696 acres), Granite Creek Allotment (24,567 acres), and Munger Mountain Allotment (14,592 acres).  Forage Reserves were also monitored, including the Fish and Bacon Creek allotments (58,860 acres), and Ditch Creek, a vacant allotment (35,208 acres).  These allotments are on National Forest System lands, Bridger-Teton National Forest. Acreages total 221,602 acres.

Permittees, Agencies, and Cooperators:

Glenn & Marion Taylor, permittees, Redmond/Bierer Creek Allotment.  Miners Creek Allotment.

Jack & Amy Robinson, permittees, Upper Gros Ventre Allotment.  Jack & Amy represent co-permittee Shane Christian.

Robinson Family Trust, permittees, Big Cow Creek.  Jack Robinson represents the Trust.

Gerry Endecott, permittee, Granite Creek. 

Robert Gill, permittee, Munger Mountain.

Kevin Watkins, permittee, Spotted Horse Ranch.

Dr. Michael Smith, University of Wyoming, Renewable Resources Department (retired).

Karen Clause, USDA-NRCS, Pinedale, WY.  Rangeland Management Specialist.
Dale Deiter, BTNF, Jackson Ranger District, District Ranger.
Dave Cottle, BTNF, Supervisor’s Office, Range Management Specialist.

Eric Peterson, UW Cooperative Extension Service, Pinedale, WY (retired).