Teton Conservation District

Land Development includes:

  • Changing landforms from a natural state for a purpose such as agriculture or housing
  • Subdividing the land into lots for the purpose of building homes
  • Changing the lands purpose for example converting an unused warehouse into condominiums
  • Making an area of land (or water) more profitable, productive, or useful
  • Improving utilities and services by making the land more suitable for resale

Teton County has a Planning and Development Agency whose mission is “To be advocates of the community’s stated vision; to guide changes to meet the community’s aspirations.” The Jackson/Teton County Comprehensive Plan, located here, adopted in 2012, will guide the physical development of the community over a long period of time.

All development in the County must comply with the County’s adopted Land Development Regulations. The Planning Department staff reviews development proposals for compliance with the Land Development Regulations. The Staff provides review information and recommendations to the Planning Commission and County Commissioners, for their review of development proposals that require a public hearing.

Teton Conservation District staff comments on County Developments for the effect they may have on area natural resources, stormwater pollution prevention, erosion control, and Best Management Practices (BMP).