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  • Wednesday, May 17th

    • Notice: Noxious Weed Cost Share Program Ends


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      HEADLINE: Noxious Weed Cost-Share Program to Be Discontinued

      Jackson, WY: Since 2005, private landowners have received
      financial reimbursements as well as technical advice on controlling noxious
      weeds on their properties. The Teton Conservation District (the Conservation
      District) provided the incentive from a portion of a property tax mill levy. In
      a coordinated fashion, the main weed control agency in the County, the Teton
      County Weed and Pest District (the Weed and Pest District), met with landowners
      and conducted the program in recent years. On April 24, 2017, the Weed and
      Pest, Board of Directors decided to withdraw from their role of conducting the
      field and outreach portions of the program.

      Over the past dozen years, the Weed Cost-Share Program has
      incentivized the weed control efforts of over six hundred local landowners
      providing direct reimbursements totaling of over $1,770,000. In addition,
      thousands of hours of local agency staff time has been dedicated to advising and
      working with those landowner by providing services such as mapping weeds,
      producing management plans, assessing completed weed treatments and tracking

      Today, things have changed. “Our community now has very
      weed-savvy landowners and a very active, commercial, private weed-control
      industry. More importantly, the Teton County Weed and Pest District has grown
      in capacity and notoriety for being the consummate weed control agency.” said
      Dave Adams, Chair of the locally elected, Conservation District Board of
      Supervisors. Due to the size and complexity of the current program, which has
      been largely overseen by Weed and Pest in recent years, the Conservation
      District is not able to run the program independently.

      Adams said, “The state statutes that TCD operates under,
      make it clear that the appropriate role of a Conservation District is to
      partner with other government entities that were created for specific purposes
      to achieve their objectives that may align with TCD’s mission. To operate
      independently of those agencies with the specific expertise and authority is a
      duplication of government services and not a good deal for the taxpayers.”

      From the beginning, the Weed Cost-Share Program was not
      intended to create a perpetual reimbursement to landowners. The intent was always
      to increase awareness and invigorate a culture of active and continuous efforts
      to control exotic, invasive, and noxious plants. The Conservation District
      believes that those objectives have been achieved to a large degree. While
      landowners may have grown accustom to planning on being reimbursed each year
      that may not be needed at this point in order to be successful within the
      community. “People here know that we have a nearly intact ecology and that
      invading or exotic plant species can pirate what we all love.” Adams said.

      The Weed and Pest District is the ultimate authority that is
      able to help landowners in their campaigns against weeds. As always, the
      Conservation District encourages landowners to take serious actions to contain
      weeds and not let them get out of control. Allowing that to happen is always
      more costly to treat in the long run. State laws requires that landowners take
      actions to control weeds. The Conservation District advises all landowners who
      need information about controlling weeds to contact the Teton County Weed and
      Pest District at 733-8419 or to visit their website: tcweed.org

      “TCD thanks all partners that have contributed to building
      Jackson Hole’s culture of controlling invasive species over the years,
      including the Weed and Pest District, Wyoming Department of Agriculture, and
      the Jackson Hole Weed Management Association. We especially thank all of the
      landowners who voluntarily and continuously cooperate in managing invasive
      vegetation.” said Adams.

      Contact information: Tom Segerstrom, Executive Director,
      Teton Conservation District
      307.733.2110 or tom@tetonconservation.org

      About Teton Conservation District: Formed in 1946, TCD is a
      government entity providing support for conservation on public and private
      lands. The mission of the Teton Conservation District is to promote
      conservation and management of natural resources — air, land, water,
      vegetation, and wildlife — through watershed-based research, education,
      conservation practices, cooperative projects, and on-the-ground actions to
      ensure the health, safety and general welfare of the people and resources of
      this area.

      Learn more about TCD’s activities at www.tetonconservation.org